UNITRON LED-240 Ring Light

UNITRON LED-240 Ring Light

Recommended for stereo microscopes with objective lenses 2.6” or less and working distances of 4” or less.

The Unitron LED-240 Ring Light has 40 powerful precision aligned LEDs divided into 4 segments for 360°, shadow free illumination.

  • The ring of 40 LEDs positioned at different angles provides consistent even illuminationgreen lighting solutions
  • Fully adjustable four quadrant controller allows for each segment to be turned on and off individually
  • 66mm I.D. accommodates a wide variety of objective lenses
  • Silent, low heat vibration-free unit provides for cool and quiet operation
  • Color temperature of 5500ºK helps reduce eyestrain
  • 50,000 hour rated LED bulb life saves time, energy, and money
  • Made in the USA
Controller:Variable light control; fully dimmable; 4 button selectable segments of 10 LEDs
Color Temperature:5500ºK
Light Output:Produces 5110 foot candles at 4” working distance
Power:Universal power (100-240 VAC/50-60 Hz)
Lighting:40 powerful LEDs provide consistent even 360º shadow-free illuminationgreen lighting solutions
LED Life:50,000 hour rated bulb life
Inner Diameter:66mm
Optional:UV (365nm-450nm) and visible (470nm-700nm) wavelengths available
Warranty:1 year manufacturer’s warranty
Certifications:ISO 14001, ISO 9001, RoHS

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