Dolan-Jenner Mi-150

Dolan-Jenner Mi-150

Recommended for routine stereo microscope applications requiring halogen light source fiber optic illumination.

The MI-150 delivers 350,000 foot candles of high-intensity, cold, light illumination when coupled with standard MI-Series microscopy light guides.

  • The 3250ºK color temperature is great for applications where low color temperature is needed
  • The secure nosepiece makes this the best halogen light source on the market for use with dual goosenecks
  • Standard MI-150 provides a lamp life of over 200 hours at full intensity
  • Stackable housing and small designed footprint saves valuable bench space
  • Optional quick change adapters accommodates different brands of fiber-optics
  • Made in the USA
Fiber Input Diameter:15 mm
Lamp:EKE 21 volts/150 watt
Lamp Life:200 hours
Color Temperature:3250ºK
Light Output:350,000 foot candles
Intensity Control:Solid state
Fuse:115 volt input 3 amp 5x20mm
Noise Level:<25 dB
Dimensions:6.0" x 8.5" x 5.3"(H)
Weight:9.25 lbs
Warranty:3 year manufacturer’s warranty
Certifications:115v UL, C-UL UL

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