NIGHTSEA™ Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter

NIGHTSEA™ Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter

Recommended as an affordable stereo microscope fluorescence solution for research labs, teaching labs, core facilities and industrial applications.

The NIGHTSEA™ Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter includes everything you need for adapting (not converting) just about any stereo microscope, including light sources and matching barrier filters.NIGHTSEA™ SFA

  • Requires NO disassembly or modification to your microscope
  • Installs in under a minute
  • Does not interfere with ordinary use – the barrier filters attach magnetically so they can be easily removed at any time
  • No warm-up or cool-down required – true instant on/off
  • Inexpensive enough to purchase multiple units to outfit undergraduate teaching laboratories
  • Rugged – stands up to student handling
  • Modular excitation/emission – purchase what you need, expand at any time
  • Works with virtually every existing stereo microscope, regardless of age
  • Components are color coded to avoid confusion
  • Easily moved between microscopes
  • Includes unique filter shield – dual function as eye protection and as a viewing filter
  • Microscope mounting adapter fits up to 67mm standard
Filter SetExcitationEmissionFluorophores
Royal Blue440-460nm500nm longpassGFP, eGFP, FITC, calcein, and lucifer yellow
Royal Blue (Green only)440-460nm500-560nm bandpassGFP, eGFP, FITC, calcein, and lucifer yellow
Green510-540nm600nm longpass filterDsRed, TdTomato, RFP, etc.
Cyan490-515nm550nm longpass filterYFP, Venus, etc.
Violet400-415nm460nm longpass filterCFP, etc.
Ultraviolet360-380nm415nm longpass filterDAPI, Hoechst, etc.

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