Motic BA310 POL

Motic BA310 POL

Recommended for instructors of earth sciences, material sciences and forensics

The Motic BA310 POL is an extremely powerful yet affordable polarizing microscope for the examination of birefringent samples.

  • Extremely powerful yet affordable polarizing microscope
  • Strain-free EC plan objectives provide excellent contrast and image quality
  • Bertrand lens is focusable and centerable for beautiful conoscopic images
  • DIN compliant compensator slot allows the use of all established compensators
  • Adjustable field and aperture diaphragm for homogeneous Koehler illumination
  • Easily add a camera for live presentations or digital imaging

Compatible products: Moticam 580 HD

Head:Binocular head Siedentopf type 30° inclined or trinocular (light split = 0/100 or 20/80)
Eyepieces:Widefield high eyepoint eyepiece N-WF PL10X/20mm with diopter adjustment on both eyepieces, cross hair on one eyepiece
Bertrand Lens:Intermediate tube with rotatable analyzer and Bertrand lens focusable
Compensator plates:Full & 1/4 wave retardation plate
Nosepiece:Reversed, quadruple nosepiece with individually centerable objectives with one reference position
Objectives:CCIS EC plan strain-free 4X, 10X, 40X(S), 60X(S)
Condenser:Achromat condenser, N.A.0.9/0.13 (strain-free) swing-out rotatable polarizer
Analyzer:Adjustable analyzer with centration screws; focusable Bertand lens; slider slots and spare slider holders; comes equipped with Lambda, 1/4 Lambda, and quartz wedge plates
Stage:360º circular rotating stage lockable position
Illumination:Koehler illumination quartz halogen 6V/30W with intensity control universal power supply 100-240V
Focusing:Coaxial focusing system with an adjustable tension control and upper limit stop to prevent accidental damage to slides; all metal gears; brass fine focus gear
Accessories:Blue filter, power cord, allen hexagonal key, vinyl dust cover
Warranty:5 year mechanical, 1 year electrical
Certifications:ISO 9001, ISO 14001

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