UNITRON Z10 Series


Recommended for all industrial applications that may require a higher magnification stereoscopic view, ergonomics and optional digital imaging

Utilizing state of the art design and lens coating techniques, Unitron’s Z10 provides users with an ergonomically designed stereomicroscope that is ideal for failure analysis and quality control applications.

  • Common Main Objective system with carefully selected lens surface coating and glass materials provide distortion free, original true color images
  • Modular product design allows for easy customization and upgrading with a wide variety of accessories
  • Parfocal optical design assures images remain sharp and in focus throughout the magnification range
  • Ergonomic design provides outstanding user comfort
  • Excellent contrast and depth of field for clear images
  • 24mm field of view eyepieces provide large flat field of view
  • Seven defined click stops for reproducing exact magnifications
  • Phototube available for digital imaging

Ask us about illumination and stand options.

Optical system:Common Main Objective
Head:Binocular 20 degree or binocular ergonomic 0-35 degree tilting
Magnification range:0.8X-8X
Zoom ratio:10:1
Working distance:Standard with 1x lens 78mm, .5x lens 126mm
Auxiliary objectives:.3X, .5X, 1x, 2X
Eyepiece:WF 10X/24 high eyepoint adjustable
Accessories included:Dust cover and instruction manual
Warranty:5 year mechanical
Certifications:ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE approved

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