Motic AE2000

Motic AE2000

Recommended for routine lab or clinical work, as well as research applications.

The Motic AE2000 is the ideal instrument for routine lab and research applications. Its compact design maximizes your benchtop space.

  • CCIS® Infinity Optical System brightfield and phase contrast lenses provide superb optical quality
  • Small footprint fits easily onto any benchtop
  • Ergonomically designed focusing, illumination, and stage controls guarantee hours of comfortable operation
  • High eyepoint eyepieces minimize eye fatigue and strain
  • Stage has a hard coated surface for easy cleaning
  • Sleep mode motion sensor turns off microscope when not in use for 15 minutes
  • LED system reduces heat which is essential for the study of living samples
Optical System:Colour Corrected Infinity Optical System [CCIS®]
Observation Tube:Widefield binocular 45°, 360° swiveling; widefield trinocular 45°, 360° swiveling, light distribution 100:0/20:80
Eyepieces:Widefield high eyepoint, N-WF10X/20mm, with diopter adjustment
Nosepiece:Left side orientated, quadruple
Stage:200x239mm surface
Condenser:ELWD N.A. 0.3, working distance 72mm - without condenser, working distance 184mm
Focus:By nosepiece movement, 8mm; coaxial focusing knobs; coarse focus with torque adjustment; fine focus with 2μm minimum increment
Illumination:6V/30W Quartz halogen illumination with intensity control, or 3W LED
Accessories:Blue, green and neutral density filter, phase ring Ph1, centering telescope, centering keys and dust cover
Warranty:5 year mechanical, 1 year electrical
Certifications:ISO 9001, ISO 1400, ISO 13485

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